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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Second Draft

It's not completely finished, as Alisa is still helping me proof the last eighty pages or so.  But today I finished all of the substantive edits to the first draft of the book manuscript, which means I now have a completed second draft.

Anyone know a publisher?


heather said...


I know one of the owners well; your book would fit right in to their milieux (yes, I looked that word up).


Mike, Alisa and Elias said...

Thanks, Heather - good tip!

Hillary Dickman said...

I don't know a publisher personally, but you should talk with Richard Spindler from Latitude '38. He would really appreciate your writing and may know a publisher who would be interested. Tell him John Foy's daughter sent you! They're sailing pals.


Mike, Alisa and Elias said...

Thanks, Hillary - another good tip.