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Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Draft

This morning the excitement level had lifted noticeably.  Elias was running around the house and babbling nonsense from the moment he got up.  Alisa was extra animated, and I felt it too, a constant buzz in the back of my skull as I worked through the morning, a sense of immediate change in the offing.  I started to wonder - we were all picking up on some subtle clue of biology that told us the moment was nigh, or was it just the psychology of suspense that was making us all antsy?

Either way, nothing happened.


I haven't got Pelagic on the market yet, but today I did manage to finish the first draft of my book about our Pacific trip, the other task that I was aiming to have completed before Little Baby Brother came along.  The real action I have decided is in the all-important second draft, which is still months away.  But, as Alisa's mom pointed out, you have to finish the first draft before you can start on the second.  And it was a fun moment to finally print out the whole thing.  One hundred and eighteen thousand words - not a doorstop, but not a magazine piece either!


heather said...

two births! congratulations!

Diana and Alex said...

Brilliant, Mike! What an epic achievement at any time, but even more so now. My sense is that books, like bread, do like a bit of a rest, so it'll look even better when you next get to it. x



Anonymous said...

Why a book about your Pacific trip? Lots of cruising books have been written about cruising the Pacific...so I'm curious why you'd write one? Not being critical, just curious, since there is a plethora of cruising books out there which hardly sell or get read. (But sometimes writing is just a personal "quest" to put it down, no matter if few will read it.)